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Cameron rowed across the
Drake Passage!

The six man crew including Cameron Bellamy aboard the 29 foot open hull row boat have completed the world's first fully human-powered and unsupported crossing from South America to Antarctica, the Drake Passage, in just under 13 days. On making landfall on the Peninsula Cameron Bellamy, who was rowing to support The Ubunye Challenge said Antarctica was even more beautiful than he expected. Leader of the expedition Colin O'Brady posted on completion that he hopes others will be inspired to take on the "impossible" in their own lives.

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Why he did it.

Cameron raises funds through the Ubunye Challenge, a charity he founded in 2011. Ubunye means "Unity" in Xhosa, the local Eastern Cape language where Ubunye does most of its work.

Ubunye's mission is to support and enable some of the poorest and most underdeveloped rural areas of South Africa, Zimbabwe and, more recently, the Caribbean.

Growing up relatively privileged in Cape Town, South Africa, Cameron was cognizant of the fact that many children his age all over South Africa did not attend school. This memory led to his founding the charity in 2011 and using his athletic feats to raise funds to fulfil its mission.

The Ubunye Challenge is currently raising funds for this important cause.

The Ubunye Challenge has worked with our local partners, the Ubunye Foundation, since 2011 in a very rural region of the rural Eastern Cape in South Africa. Where there was once no formal early childhood development teaching there are now 16 sites teaching 360 children on a daily basis. Our next step is to provide access for these children, as well as children of higher ages, to the internet and tablet learning.

A donation of $85 will allow a child living in the rural Eastern Cape of South Africa access to the internet and tablet learning.

The Crew

The crew of six men from four nations and three continents will be rowing 24 hours a day in a perpetual 90-minute rotation for 21 days straight.

The crew: Cameron Bellamy, Fiann Paul, Colin O'Brady, Jamie Douglas-Hamilton, John Petersen, Andrew Towne.